Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moving to Sydney

Hiii Blogger!
Just resently I have moved from my home town Brisbane to Sydney! Last week I found a nice shared apartment in Surry Hills and now I have all the time in the world to draw and animate(until I find a job that is!)
Sydney so far looks really cool with the old, beautiful, rough, raggered antiquee buildings with the ummmm what do you call it a nostalgic atmosphere? It's only a 12 hour drive from Brisbane but the difference between the two cities are subtle but definetly there.
Oh and the art galleries are AMAZING! I haven't been to much yet but one in particular that was purely breath taking was the Billich Gallery at the Rocks. If any artist comes to Sydney please don't miss that one!
and for the first time on my blog I might put some photoes up:
My new room! Small but very cosy :)
My desk and laptop : D

The hotel I was staying at until I found my apartment

 And a drawing I did today, I know I'm not very good with colour coordinating so I tried to keep this one subtle...what do you guys think??
        So I am a bit away from home again now but I will do my very best to settle in to Sydney and to find a job and to keep on drawing! So please watch over me blog! I will update you again soon!  (>_<)

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Emily Nelson said...

cool Maruna! how are your housemates?
Stay safe in Surry Hills! I will try to save up for a visit! :)
I also really love your pic and your new blog heading! :)