Thursday, December 13, 2007

Portraits of Gods

These paintings were all done in Photoshop. They are portraits of the five Gods of Love, Power, Health, Wisdom and Death.

Pencil Drawings

These are some sketches and drawings in pencil. Some are just quick sketches others are extensive.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Miracle Weaver compositing

I worked on the post production of our short animation clip Miracle Weaver. I color graded and layerd the final 3D renders. The images on top are the original images and the ones on the bottom are the images I worked over with After Effects.

Polly- After Effects

This is an animation clip I worked on with many of my friends for the introduction of our gradate screening. I worked on the compositing and animating.

Choo dikka dikka - Aftereffects

An introduction animation clip I worked on for the music video 'Nothink' by the Dum Viva Disco. My friend Hakon Anderson illustrated the characters for me and I worked on the animation and compositing.


Some illustrations I done as presents for family and friends birthdays.

Modeling in 3D Maya

I'm not that used to 3D but managed to model out and texture a simple city scape.