Monday, March 12, 2012

Illustrations for the past few months

 Lately I've been able to spend much longer hours on just drawing. It really makes me realise how long it takes to create something but also I seem to be much more content. Most of these drawings I have put up on Facebook already but I thought I'll put them on here as well! Now that I have more time to draw I need to find more time blogging as well! (>_<)!

Drawing I did for Sydney's Mardi gra 2012!

Drawing I did in Feburary cos it never stopped raining!

Don't forget to read!

I'm trying to work on my colour coordinating a bit more here!

Drawing I did for Valentines day!(>_<) title is: Watch out for 'rain' on Valentines day

One of the main charactes for a story I have in my mind, her name is Mika.

Beacuse I started to learn Belly dancing I find my self drawing belly dancers quiet often these days! shimmys!

Don't forget to look up!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moving to Sydney

Hiii Blogger!
Just resently I have moved from my home town Brisbane to Sydney! Last week I found a nice shared apartment in Surry Hills and now I have all the time in the world to draw and animate(until I find a job that is!)
Sydney so far looks really cool with the old, beautiful, rough, raggered antiquee buildings with the ummmm what do you call it a nostalgic atmosphere? It's only a 12 hour drive from Brisbane but the difference between the two cities are subtle but definetly there.
Oh and the art galleries are AMAZING! I haven't been to much yet but one in particular that was purely breath taking was the Billich Gallery at the Rocks. If any artist comes to Sydney please don't miss that one!
and for the first time on my blog I might put some photoes up:
My new room! Small but very cosy :)
My desk and laptop : D

The hotel I was staying at until I found my apartment

 And a drawing I did today, I know I'm not very good with colour coordinating so I tried to keep this one subtle...what do you guys think??
        So I am a bit away from home again now but I will do my very best to settle in to Sydney and to find a job and to keep on drawing! So please watch over me blog! I will update you again soon!  (>_<)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Experimental animation snapshots

Hello blo-g (/>_<)/ These are some still pics of test animation clip I was working on when I had some spare time.

and a anime cliche eye opening bit.

and another new art piece.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Land scapes and 2d VFX test

These are two rough landscapes, really need to make some effort to finish them more properly.
And this is a rough blast thing I drew.

Abstract and Trapcode

These are some random abstract arty things I made while experimenting with trapcode Particular. I really love the trapcode plugins and resently I bought the suite :-D!!! So excited to play around with the new forms and horizons and stuff! (cos I only had particular before)

New Drawings

Finally putting some things on this blog again... hmmm I don't even have any excuses so lets just move on >_
Just some simple drawings I've done in the last couple of months. I really need do some life drawings again!